Lettering Brushes

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Gilders Tip Brush Natural Hair Gilders Tip Brush Natural Hair is a Single Thickness 3-1/2" x 2-..

Gilders Tip Brush Single size 3 1/2" Gilders Tip Brush Natural Hair is a Single Thickness 3-1/2..

Gilders Tip Gold Leaf Brush 4" series-2170, by Scharff Brush is a Single Thickness Gilders Tip is ma..

Gold Leaf Brushes Starter Kit Gold Leaf Brushes Starter Kit, are the basics for gilding brushes..

Gold Surplus Removal Brush Gilders Gold Surplus Removal Brush was inspired by a great little br..

Gold Leaf Dusting Mop Brush size 1-1/2 inchGold Leaf Dusting Mop Brush size 1 and half inch, are use..

brush box wood, Sign Painter Kit or Pinstriping kit brush box is made of hardwood, modeled after the..

Brush box is made of aluminum, modeled after the sign painting and pinstriping engineering kits. &nb..

Mack Brush Box 5" x 14" with 3 springsAll metal brush box will protect your brushes. Steel spri..

Gilders Lard Oil for Brushes 1/2 Pint Refined & Machine Grade Lard Oil Used as a ..

16oz. Neats foot Oil CompoundBrush PreservativeUse for oiling your brushes.​SHIPS UPS GR..