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Jacks Cream smalt paint

Jacks Cream smalt paint

Jacks Cream smalt paint for Sale to Buy in Quarts an Gallons. Jacks Cream smalt paint is used for Smalts and mixed 50/50 that mack the paint thicker and slows down the dry time when Smalting sand or glass smalt in order to allow the Smalts to settle into the paint properly to achieve that furry smalting effect for stunning long term results. Jacks Creme smalt paint is made by the Ronan Paint company and is design to work best with Ronan Paint.

jacks cream smalt paint quarts and gallons

A heavy-bodied blending medium is Jack's Cream. In order to facilitate color blending, it increases the open time of paints. It is frequently used with artist oil colors and bulletin colors. both gallons and quarts are available.  Jack's Cream is a thick mixing medium. It extends the open time of paints to make color blending easier. With artist oil paints and bulletin colors, it is widely utilized. There are gallons and quarts to choose from. 

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